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Agate Wood Base

SKU 15032
Color: Natural

Agate Wood Base

Approximate Size & Weight: 2.5 inches across, 75-130 grams
Protection - Grounding - Balance
Chakra: Root, Throat and Third Eye

Although each color of agate is believed to have its own healing properties, generally any colored agate is said to be a great stone for protection against negative energies and helps to ground one's self.

Agate is a banded form of finely-grained, microcrystalline Quartz and can be found in all colors of the rainbow all over the world. A generally accepted requirement in the definition of Agate is that it has to be banded. This qualification distinguishes it from other forms of Chalcedony which are not banded. Exceptions include Dendritic Agate and Moss Agate, which are not true Agates since they lack the banding patterns, but they are still traditionally called Agates since they have more than one color.

Chemical formula: SiO₂

Hardness: 7


This is a "random selection" listing. You will NOT receive the exact item photographed in the listing, but one that is very similar. However, due to unique nature of each mineral the size, shape and color may vary slightly.

Agates vary and are all very different. If you have a request please message us  before purchasing so we can do our best to meet your liking.