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Stilbite with Apophyllite

Stilbite with Apophyllite

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Stilbite with Apophyllite

Joy - Growth - Clarity

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Chakras: Crown, Heart, Third Eye

Chemical Formula: Na,Ca0.5, K)9 (Al9Si27O72) 28 H20

Stilbite has a very soft, gentle energy which helps us calmly shift into balance and alignment. It calms our mind and heart, helping us to move more in accordance with our true spiritual nature. Stilbite encourages us to dream more, both while awake and during sleep, and to let go of any negative attachment to the word “impossible.” Stilbite reveals that all things are possible when we are connect to the Divine. It aids us in spiritual journeying, helping us to feel supported, protected, and guided as we grow and learn.


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