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Banded Agate Tumbled Stone

SKU A-00016
Banded Agate Tumbled Stone
Soothing - Grounding - Protection
Chakra: Root

Size: Approximately .5 to 1 inch across

Banded Agate is believed to be a great grounding stone for healing the mind, body and spirit by balancing emotions and other aspects of one's life. It is also used by healers as protection against negative energies and those with bad intentions towards you.

Banded Agate, also known as Layered Agate, displays layers of microscopic Quartz crystals in a variety of colors. It is formed from the deposition of layers of silica, in volcanic vesicles or other cavities. Banded Agate is known to be found in the United States, Botswana, Brazil, South Africa, and the Czech Republic.

Chemical formula: SiO₂

Hardness: 7


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