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Campo del Cielo Meteorite

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Campo del Cielo Meteorite

Transformation - Protection - Self Growth

Chakra: All Chakras

Approximate Size:

All meteorites are about .75-1.25 inches.

Like all meteorites, Campo del Cielo meteorites are believed to be a powerful tool for transforming yourself into your truest form, bringing about joy and happiness. It is also believed to protect you and clear away all negative energies.

Campo del Cielo meteorites are part of a family of meteorite fragments found in a large crater in northern Argentina. The meteor was estimated to have impacted Earth around 4500 years ago. Natives believed it had fallen from a specific position in the sky known to them as “Pigeum Nonralta”. In Spanish, this translates to “Campo del Cielo”, which means “Field of Heaven”.

Chemical Formula: FeNi

Hardness: 6-7


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