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Chevron Amethyst Tumbled Stones (A Grade) 1 LB

SKU 16708

Chevron Amethyst Tumbled Stone (A-Grade) 1 LB
Courage - Calmness - Peace
Chakra: Crown

Weight: 1 pound

Size: Approximately .5 to 1 inches across

You will receive approximately 30 to 45 stones.

Amethyst is the most prized and sought-after variety of the quartz family. Although it can be found around the world, the majority of amethyst deposits come from Brazil and Uruguay. When manganese is present in quartz, it produces amethyst. The amount of iron present can contribute to the depth of purple.

Amethyst is known to be an excellent stone for healing oneself of addiction, pain, and mental disorders. It is believed to inspire courage, calmness, and contemplation. It's been used as far back as the ancient Greeks. The Greeks would wear it to bring out the highest, purest aspirations of humankind. 

Chemical formula: SiO₂

Hardness: 7


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