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Chrome Diopside - 1 Gram Parcel

SKU 03489
Chrome Diopside - 1 Gram Parcel

Origin: Afghanistan

Weight: 1 Gram

Size: Between .25 and 1 inch is the average size of each crystal

Each 1 gram parcel of chrome diopside will be randomly selected.

Diopside is a monoclinic pyroxene mineral that occurs naturally in a variety of colors such as green, yellow and brown. Green is the most commonly found diopside color, which gets its gorgeous hue from traces of the element chromium, hence the name chrome diopside.

Chrome diopside is believed to improve ones intellect, as well as increasing awareness of love.

Chrome diopside is associated with the Heart chakra.

Chemical Formula: CaMgSi2O6

Hardness: 5-6

These are small crystals primarily used for jewelry. Please check the measurements and size info provided above before purchasing.