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Ethiopian Opal (Thumbnail Case Specimen)

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Ethiopian Opal (Thumbnail Case Specimen)

Honesty - Purity - Loyalty

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye

Origin: Ethiopia

Approximate Size: 


Ethiopian opal is believed to protect the user from the evil eye. The stone has potent internal energy that draws all emotions to the surface level, allowing you to handle the situation with a clearer, decisive mind. It also helps users get rid of negative emotions and soothes their sadness. This then makes the user feel more in control and unruffled.

The word “opal” originates from the Greek word “opallios”, meaning to see a change of color. This meaning is connected to how precious opals refract light. Since its discovery, Ethiopian opal has been used in several healing aspects, including physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Chemical Formula: SiO2·nH2O

Hardness: 5.5-6.5

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