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Fluorite Round Cabochon 15mm

SKU 02611

Fluorite Round Cabochon

This listing is for 1 round fluorite cabochon. Each cabochon is randomly selected.

Size: 15mm

Historical and Scientific Facts:

    • Fluorite has a reputation for being “The Most Colorful Mineral In The World”. It comes in many different colors ranging from deep purple, blue, green, yellow, pink, red, orange, black and crystal clear.
    • Many fluorite specimens are UV reactive, meaning they can glow underneath a black light. 
    • The name fluorite comes from the Latin word “fluere” which means flow, because it melts easily.
    • Fluorite was originally called fluorspar when first described dating back to 1530. The term fluorspar is still used for the industrial and chemical form of fluorite. 
    • Fluorite is well known for its effectiveness as a flux for aluminum and steel processing.
    • During the 18th century, fluorite was ground into a powder and mixed with water to treat kidney disease.
    • Ancient Romans believed that if they drank from a fluorite carved vessel, itd prevent drunkeness, similar to the beliefs of amethyst.

Metaphysical Properties:

Fluorite is known to be a grounding and protection stone that is very useful for harmonizing spiritual energy. Many believe that fluorite can bring mental clarity and help one become more in control of chaotic situations. Fluorite is also believed to absorb negative energy from the environment, so cleansing the stone often is recommended.