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Garnierite Palmstone

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Garnierite Palmstone 

Relaxation - Joy - Knowledge

Chakra: Heart

Garnierite is believed to calm and relax one's self by releasing stress. It is said to be helpful when looking within the heart to find its truest desires, as well as aiding the process of spiritual growth.

Garnierite, sometimes referred to as Green Moonstone, is a common name for green nickel magnesium ores. It is not recognized formally as a distinct mineral because its chemistry varies greatly. Garnierite is created by the weathering of ultramafic rocks like serpentine in tropical environments. Deposits of Garnierite have been found in South Africa, The Dominican Republic, Oregon, and several other locations. The appearance varies in each deposit.

Chemical Formula: (NiMg)6Si4O10(OH)8

Hardness: 3-4


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