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Guerrero Amethyst Point

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Guerrero Amethyst Point

Courage - Calmness - Strength

Chakra: Crown

Approximate Size:
.5-1 inch

Amethyst is known to be a really great stone for healing oneself of addiction, pain, and mental disorders. It is believed to inspire courage, calmness, and contemplation. It's been used as far back as the ancient Greeks. The Greeks would wear it to bring out the highest, purest aspirations of humankind.

Guerrero amethyst is some of the finest Amethyst in the world and is easily recognized, and distinguished from Vera Cruz Amethyst, by its crystal shape and deep purple coloration. They come from the remote mountains of the Sierra Madre del Sur of north-central Guerrero State in Mexico. Sharply contrasting phantoms are common in these crystals.

Chemical formula: SiO₂

Hardness: 7

Origin: Guerrero, Mexico

These are small crystals primarily used for jewelry. Please check the measurements and size info provided above before purchasing.

This is a "random selection" listing. You will NOT receive the exact item photographed in the listing, but one that is very similar. However, due to the unique nature of each mineral the size, shape, and color may vary slightly.