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Hematite Heart

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Hematite Heart
Strength - Grounding - Balance
Chakra: Root

Approximate size and weight:
Small: 3-3.5" (225-310 grams) 20
Medium: 3.5-4" (315-385 grams) 25
Large: 3.75-4.25" (225-320 grams) 30

Hematite is believed to be a great grounding stone that brings balance between the body, mind and soul. It is also believed to connect one to the Earth, making one feel safe and secure, as well as promoting courage, strength, endurance and vitality.

Hematite is a common iron oxide mineral that can be found in the form of masses, botryoidal, tabular, and the rarest form, rhombohedral. An interesting fact about Hematite is that NASA made a remarkable discovery of Hematite on Mars. It was found by the infrared spectrometer on the NASA Mars Global Surveyor. What makes this even more interesting is the need of water for Hematite to occur, which would suggest the possibility of Mars being suitable for life.

Chemical Formula: Fe2O3

Hardness: 5-6


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