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Hematoid Quartz Palmstone

Hematoid Quartz Palmstone

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Hematoid Quartz Palmstone

Chakra: Root

Origin: Madagascar

Approximate Size and Weight:

50-150g (1.5-3in)

150-250g (2-3.5in)

250-350g (2.5-3in)

Hematoid Quartz, sometimes referred to as Red Quartz or Ferruginous Quartz, is Quartz that has inclusions of Hematite. It can appear as dense dustings and/or stains on the outside of the quartz crystals or clusters, as well as colorful inclusions like dots, drips, phantoms, or overall color changes within the quartz crystals or clusters.

Chemical Formula: (SiO2) with Hematite, Goethite, or Limonite inclusions

Hardness: 7


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