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Rainbow Garnet

SKU 13889

Rainbow Garnet

These Garnets come in a small gem case, as pictured. 

Healing - Restores Energy - Encouraging

Chakra: Root

Origin: Japan

Approximate Size and Weight:
10-20 grams

Rainbow Garnet is believed to have a strong loving and positive energy. You may want to use this stone if you are looking to build stronger positive bonds with the ones you love, whether it is a partner, family member, or friend.

Rainbow Garnet, also known as Iridescent Garnet, is a unique variety of Andradite Garnet that is very rare. This reddish-brown stone displays a beautiful rainbow shine when exposed to light. The phenomenon varies from a single color to a range of colors that shift as the gem is rotated. Rainbow Garnet was first recently discovered in Japan in early 2004.

Chemical Formula: X3Y2(SiO4)3

Hardness: 6.5-7


This is a "random selection" listing. You will NOT receive the exact item photographed in the listing, but one that is very similar. However, due to the unique nature of each mineral, the size, shape, and color may vary slightly.

Please reference secondary photos for examples of variations within the product. If you have certain specification requirements, please reach out via email.