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Mangano Calcite Massage Wand (UV Reactive)

SKU 11764
Mangano Calcite Wand (UV Reactive)
Self Love - Self Worth - Tranquility
Chakra: Heart

Approximate Size and Weight:
Small: 3-4" (0.15-0.35 LB)
Medium: 4-5" (0.35-0.55 LB)
Large: 5-6" (0.55-0.75 LB)

It is believed that Mangano Calcite can promote inner peace, compassion, self-love, and self-healing. It is also believed to get rid of negative energy within so one can reach harmony and mental peace. It is suggested to meditate and hold Mangano Calcite to soothe and comfort ones self in times of high stress and anxiety.

Mangano Calcite, also known as Manganoan Calcite, is a manganese calcium carbonate mineral and member of the Calcite family. Its color ranges from light to dark pink depending on the amount of Manganese in it. Mangano Calcite was first discovered in 1846 by A. Breithaupt in Banská, Štiavnica, Slovakia. He named it in reference to the inclusion of Manganese found within.

Chemical Formula: (Ca,Mn)CO3

Hardness: 2.5-3


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