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Nuummite Pendulum

SKU 14857

Nuummite Pendulum

Protection - Calming - Intuition

Chakra: Third Eye, Solar Plexus, and Root

Origin: Greenland

Approximate Size:

1-1.25 inches

Nuumite is believed to be a powerful protection stone from all negative energy by releasing any that may be attached to you. This stone can also be a great choice to use during meditation as it is believed to channel ancient wisdom and knowledge, helping you to grow and prosper.

Nuummite is a metamorphic rock that also happens to be the oldest mineral ever discovered, estimated to be around 3 billion years old. Most Nuumite comes from Greenland. Because of the harsh weather conditions of Greenland, it can only be mined a couple of months out of the year, making it very rare. This mineral was first discovered by K. L. Giesecke in 1810 and was named after the area in Greenland in which it was found, Nuuk.

Chemical Formula: (Mg2)(Mg5)Si8O22(OH)2

Hardness: 6


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