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Oco Quartz Geodes (Large)

SKU 10807
Oco Geode (Large)
Grounding - Balance - Harmony
Charka: Root

Size: Approximately 4 to 5 inches across

Oco Geodes are believed to be a great stone for grounding and bringing balance into one's life. It is said that they can bring harmony to our yin and yang energy. Many have used this stone to sooth and calm one's self.

Oco Geodes are small agate geodes with a drusy quartz lining that are found in the Tres Pinheiros region of Brazil. Oco Geodes are formed in the vesicles of basalt flows that underlie parts of this region. Most Oco Geodes have a thin agate rind, an open interior, and an interior druse of tiny sharp quartz points.

Chemical Formula: SiO2

Hardness: 7


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