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Origin: Morocco

Orthoceras were ancient sea creatures that lived more than 400 million years ago. Orthoceras resembled a squid-like body inside a cone-shaped shell and  lived during a period when the Earth was mostly covered in water. These creatures would grow their shells throughout their lives. Scientists can tell the age of an orthoceras by the lines separating what is known as the septas. Most orthoceras would grow between 1 and 10 inches but can survive long enough to grow up to 14 feet long. These fossils are found all over the world in places such as Sweden, Morocco, and even Antarctica. Orthoceras are the ancestors of the nautilus family, which includes squid, octopus, and cuttlefish. 

Orthoceras is believed to be a wonderful grounding stone. It's been known to help with depression by increasing one's confidence and balancing out emotions. It's also known to help stimulate the mind by helping with stress and feelings of anxiousness. Orthoceras is a great stone to help one transform and grow. 


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