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Rogerley Fluorite Parcel UV Reactive - (25g)

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Rogerly Fluorite Parcel UV Reactive

Chakra: Third Eye, Throat, Heart, and Crown

Origin: Frosterley in Weardale, County Durham, England

Approximate Size and Weights:
Small: 5 to 10 mm across, 25 grams
Medium: 10 to 15 mm across, 25 grams
Large: 15 to 20 mm across, 25 grams

Rogerley Fluorite is highly fluorescent, turning from a dark emerald green to a bright bluish-white under long wave ultraviolet, as well as in sunlight. The Rogerley Mine is located in Durham County, England. This type of Fluorite is highly sought after for in the mineral community.

Chemical Formula: CaF₂

Hardness: 4

These are small crystals primarily used for jewelry. Please check the measurements and size info provided above before purchasing.


This is a "random selection" listing. You will NOT receive the exact item photographed in the listing, but one that is very similar. However, due to unique nature of each mineral the size, shape and color may vary slightly.