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Scolecite Pyramid

Scolecite Pyramid

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Scolecite Pyramid
Charka: Third Eye and Crown

Origin: India

Approximate Size and Weight:
Small: 1-1.5 Inches across, 20-40 grams
Large: 1.75-2 Inches across, 80-115 grams

Scolecite is a tectosilicate mineral belonging to the zeolite group. It is a hydrated calcium silicate. There is no other crystal in the world that shares Scolecite’s exact formation, making it highly distinctive and unique. When the needles are exposed to heat, they twist and curl up, which is where the name of this stone comes from, “skolecks”, which means “worm” in Greek. Scolecite is mainly found in India, although there are also deposits of white Scolecite in Iceland. Most Scolecite crystals are white or clear, but the presence of trace minerals within the crystal matrix can also turn them pink, red, or green.

Chemical Formula: CaAl₂Si₃O₁₀·3H₂O

Hardness: 5 - 5.5


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