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Shiva Lingam Pendulum

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Shiva Lingam Pendulum
Confidence - Balance - Fertility
Chakra: All

Approximate Size:

1.5" long

Shiva Lingam is believed to be one of the greatest stones for finding balance and expanding one's consciousness. In Hindu culture it is said that Shiva Lingam represents the creation of both the divine male and female energies. This stone can help guide our physical & emotional bodies.

Shiva Lingam is a rare naturally formed mineral called Cryptocrystalline Quartz that can only found in the Narmada River in Onkar Mandhata, a holy town named after the Hindu sign OM. Villagers visit this sacred river once a year just before the beginning of the monsoon season, when the river is at it’s lowest, to gather and polish these river rocks to better define their famed lingam shape.

Chemical Formula: SiO2 with inclusions of iron and magnesium

Hardness: 7


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