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Tiger's Eye Round Cabochon 20x20mm

SKU 02665

Tiger's Eye Round Cabochon

Size: 20x20mm 

This listing is for 1 tigers eye cabochon. Each cabochon is randomly selected.

Historical and Scientific Facts:

    • Tigers eye is a variety of quartz that has inclusions of iron, which gives it its striped appearance with an optical effect known as chatoyancy.
    • This stone is formed from part of a type of asbestos, known as corcidolite. However, the crocidolite is completely replaced by quartz and iron ore, making it non-toxic.
    • Tigers eyes are usually brown naturally, but can rarely be found as red. Tigers eyes can be found dyed pink, green or navy blue.
    • Tigers eye is primarily mined in Africa, but can also be found in Brazil, Australia, and even in the United States.
    • In ancient times, tigers' eye was believed by the Egyptians to be a from of “the all seeing eye”.
    • Romans brought tigers' eye into battle with them, believing it would bring them strength and courage.

Metaphysical Properties:

Tigers' eye is very well known to be a stone for protection and strength. Many also believe it to be a good luck stone for those who wear it. It is worn by those who wish to gain more courage and confidence in themselves.