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Wulfenite (Boxed Specimen)

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Wulfenite (Boxed Specimen)

This specimen comes inside of a black box with an identification card.

Focus - Will Power - Confidence

Chakra: Solar Plexus and Sacral

Origin: Touissit, Jerada Province, Morocco

Wulfenite is believed to help you with your personal willpower to achieve your dreams and goals in life, giving you gained confidence and drive. Wulfenite's orange color is also said to represent the "fire" you need to get through the most daunting of tasks.

Wulfenite is a lead molybdate oxide mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses, squares, or small prismatic and tiny tabular crystals. This mineral is usually golden orange or yellow but can be found in blue, red, grey, white, and even colorless. The color hues come from tiny traces of chromium within the crystal. Wulfenite forms in heavily oxidized lead deposits and can be found in association with a number of other minerals such as Pyromorphite, Mimetite, Hemimorphite, and Smithsonite. Some of the finest Wulfenite specimens in the world have come from The Red Cloud Mine in Arizona, USA.

Chemical Formula: PbMoO4

Hardness: 3


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