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Valentine's Day Sale! 20% off Select Items. Click Here!

Yooperlite Skull

SKU 17469

Yooperlite Skull

Self Expression - Self Growth - Creativity

Chakra: Throat

Origin: Lake Superior, Michigan

Approximate Size:


650-750 grams

Yooperlite is believed to help one's journey with self-discovery and encourages one to find their true life path. It is also said to help create a positive environment for self-growth.

Yooperlite, also known as Syenite, is a coarse-grained intrusive igneous rock formed when molten lava cooled slowly under the Earth’s surface. It has a general composition like granite. Yooperlite is a new crystal that was recently discovered in Lake Superior near Michigan in 2017. It is UV reactive due to the fluorescent sodalite inclusions that give this crystal that incredible orange and yellow glow under UV light.

Chemical Formula: Al2KNaO8Si2

Hardness: 5.5-6


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