Fluorite in general is such an amazing crystal. It comes in a wide variety of colors and a few different shapes because of its geometry. The crystal comes in an octahedral shape (Which is essentially like two pyramids put together by their flat sides), a cubic shape, and a ball-like shape due to the crystal morphing together. The colors of fluorite are yellow, raspberry, purple, green, blue, indigo, orange, red, brown, black, and clear. although, we are going to focus on green fluorite today. Green fluorite gets its color from the impurities of copper in the crystal. Green fluorite can be found all over the world but, a few highlights to note are locations such as Rogerely Mine in England, Madagascar, and even New Hampshire. The Rogerley Mine fluorite is quite special in that when moved out of the room into the sunlight, it shows hues of navy blue mixed with the deep green color it has. This is due to UV light rays interacting with the molecular structure of the crystal and the crystal absorbing all other colors of the light spectrum except for those two at that time. 

     Fluorite carries an immense energy with it. It's one of my favorite crystals to work with for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is color coding. The crystal can work on many different chakras depending on the color it is exhibiting. It's like wearing specific colors of clothes or color therapy. Like black clothing is protective, while blue works on communication throughout the day. This color coding allows the crystal to be very versatile as a spiritual tool. On top of this, Green Fluorite, being my absolute favorite, works on the heart chakra. This is the hallway for your emotions. The solar plexus is the storage room for emotions, the heart chakra is the hallway that they pass through, and the throat chakra is where we speak our emotions. The hallway is important because some reflection happens during this journey for the emotions we are dealing with. Green fluorite can help with this reflection and can help you understand exactly what you are feeling since humans are so complex and we often confuse our own emotions, never mind those around us. 

     To work with Green Fluorite is to allow this hallway to be present. Some have probably heard in the past “Don’t keep a cage around your heart”. That is essentially closing off the hallway and the same people who close this off will wonder why no love is coming their way. This is because they do not give themselves the love they deserve for a variety of reasons. Take a meditation trip to your younger self and ask what they need. It is that inside of you that needs the most help and when you start giving yourself what your younger self is asking for, that is when you will start your path of healing. Hold the Green Fluorite in your hand and meditate. Understand what it is you must do for yourself so that the cage can leave your hallway and you can not only accept love again but, feel it in all of its glory.

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