Rose Quartz

     As you may have guessed by now Rose Quartz is a type of….QUARTZ! It gets its pink color from aligned silicate mineral inclusions which are similar but not identical to Dumortierite. Rose quartz, like clear quartz, has a chemical formula of SiO2 and is also formed through magma crystallization. This is the process in which a silicate solution is exposed to intense heat and pressure over time to layer the molecules perfectly in geometric shapes building the crystals. Rose quartz is usually found in its “Boulder-Like” state and for it to form crystals is usually rare. 

     Spiritually speaking Rose quartz is usually deemed a love stone. This is true but, what do people actually mean by this? Well, a lot of people think that this crystal will bring love into their lives and they aren’t exactly wrong but, there is a big thing people miss when jumping into buying this crystal. What they miss is that Rose quartz will bring self-love into your life which will in turn allow you to accept the love that has been around you this whole time. A lot of people do not recognize the love and support they have from the people around them when they cannot give that to themselves. This doesn’t mean they are selfish or ungrateful, this just means they need some healing to allow the process to happen. This is exactly what Rose Quartz works with. 

     Ways to help heal yourself and give yourself the love and support you deserve are surmounting, so which ones do you choose? A good way to recognize what you want is going into meditation, maybe even holding a rose quartz in your hands while doing so. Meditate to find your younger self and ask them what they need. Personally, when I did this meditation, I realized that the younger me was seeking validation from people. I never celebrated my wins and triumphs, all I ever did was focus on what was next which never allowed me to truly see my worth and give validation to what needed it most. This allowed me to move forward with my days having much less anxiety and I could then work properly and go about social situations with greater ease. Rose quartz is a significant tool in aiding people to find that self-love for themselves and I recommend it strongly for people starting their spiritual journey or people that have been in the game for a while but, are finally focusing on healing themselves as well

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