The Fall Equinox (Mabon)

          The Fall Equinox (Mabon) is here! Sorry…I’m a bit excited. It’s finally time for us and the world around us to take a rest. Humans and all of nature around the earth feel this but show it in different ways. We in New England experience our plants and many animals lie dormant for the next season. This is the time when spirit, universe, the divine, or however you address it tells us “Take a load off your back and rest up because more will surely come”. Before we had the society that we have today, this time of year would prove to be our last harvest whether it be vegetable or fruit for the season, and we would then become recluses mostly until the spring arrived. Unfortunately, with our current luxuries, this time of year means nothing to our work lives and social lives. It doesn’t feel like we can rest anymore and that is a slight problem because our biology has not caught up to our society just yet.

            During this time remember to be happy and celebrate the harvests you have had. Even though they may not be actual food harvests, think of all the great things you were able to accomplish during the spring and summer months. More time during these days should be spent on self-care and doing what you love to do while still accomplishing all the things you need to do in your 3D life. That is the best way I can describe it, the regular life (3D) and spiritual life are two separate lives we lead. These go hand in hand but also express themselves differently.

             A good thing to do is give back to nature and the past summer months. Something I like to do is bury something that may hold significance in my heart or bury a bit of my harvest so for example a head of corn. This symbolizes giving back to that which has given us so much during the hotter months. This holiday is also known as Mabon and a practice that many people do is to pick apples and use them in ritual and feast. Celebrate with your friends and have a feast, dance, have a fire, enjoy each other...for the coming months will be cold and we will not get out as much. I personally see a universal energy in all creatures and life and I fall closer to the Pagan side of things believing in Gods and Goddesses. These rituals and celebrations do not have to be isolated to specific groups of people. Everyone can enjoy the celebrations for their respective beliefs!

            A couple of crystals I would highly recommend are Black Tourmaline and Amethyst for this time of the year. The Black Tourmaline will be great for grounding and centering yourself, and giving the rest you need for this time of year. Amethyst will help you still get out there and do all those fall-time fun things we all love like hay rides, pumpkin carving, hikes, campfires, etc. Having these both together will help you navigate through this weird time of year.  Another crystal I would highly recommend is Selenite. Selenite connects you to the universe and your higher self while charging all your other crystals. Having all your other crystals charged at this time of year is crucial for protection and enhancing your psychic abilities. Also, connecting to your higher self will keep you in a protected state which is vital while the veil is thin. Amidst the Fall Equinox, we all feel a bit of stagnancy and unknowing of where to go and what to do. Allow yourself for a time of rest… definitely deserve it!

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