Clear Quartz

    Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals we have in our arsenal of tools. It is dubbed the master stone for a number of reasons that we will dive into but, most importantly, it’s the one a lot of “new-comers” to spirituality connect with the most. Is it due to its beauty? Vibration? Memory? The answer is yes and no to all of these questions. 

    First, lets talk science. The chemical formula of Clear Quartz and Quartz in general is SiO2 (Silicon dioxide) and the crystal is a 7-7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. The way quartz grows is within igneous rocks, as a silicon dioxide water solution slowly cools and the water evaporates, the molecules of SiO2 layer it a geometric pattern to form what we know as crystalline quartz. How does the silica get in the water you ask? Through high temperatures and pressure the silica dissolves in the water like sugar and salt, then undergoes the cooling process to form the crystals we love. The motif in the crystal is hexagonal which is what gives quartz (on the grander scale) its shape we know. 

    On the spiritual side of things, Clear Quartz connects us with the divine, spirit, god, the gods and goddesses, etc. It allows to keep that connection pure with the grandest intent. It also allows us to keep a clear mind and helps regulate our emotions. On top of this, Clear Quartz is the easiest to program…now what do I mean by that? You can program your crystals to do what you ask of them. Lets say you want protection from a specific situation, thing, or person. Lets say you want it to heal a specific part of you. These are just a couple examples of what you can ask of your crystal for you. 

    You can program your crystal in a number of ways but I will lay out a meditation for you to be able to follow. Sit down with the crystal you want to program in your right hand and calm/ground yourself with four deep breaths. At this time, in your mind’s eye, you will see a golden path laid out in front of you. Walk down that path until you reach a wall, this wall is your crystal as a giant. You will notice stairs near your crystal, walk up the stairs until you reach the end. At this point I want you to take your hand and draw a door on the wall of your crystal and walk through it. You will see a winding staircase going down into the heart of the crystal, walk down these stairs until you reach a circular room with a ball of light in the center. Talk to the ball of light, ask it its name, and ask it to do what you want it to do. When you are done speaking, exit the same way you came, go up the stairs through the door and down the stairs outside to the golden path. Walk along the golden path until you see your body sitting in the chair. At this time sit down onto yourself and when you are ready open your eyes. 

    This will have programmed your crystal and also allow you to meet your crystal. Clear Quartz is the perfect stone to start with it because it has no impurities, or at least should not. It is easier to focus on one stone, molecule, crystal structure, etc. than multiple. By doing this, you are acquainting yourself with the crystal world and synergizing your energies, basically practice.

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