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Blue Goldstone Tumbled Stone

SKU 13473

Blue Goldstone Tumbled Stone

Self Acceptance - Confidence - Protection

Chakra: Heart and Crown

Approximate Size:

.5 to 1 inch

Blue Goldstone is believed to have a positive energy that can enhance your confidence and ambition to reach your goals. It is also believed to be a great protection stone that can deflect any bad energies.

Goldstone is a man-made glass that was originally manufactured by the Miotti family in Venice, in the seventeenth century. Goldstone is created by warming molten rocks to a suitable temperature enough to break down oxidized copper grains that have been added. The solution is cooled down gently once the copper oxide has been completely evaporated.

Chemical Formula: n/a

Hardness: 5.5-6


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Mix and match any 3 tumbled stones for $5 (discount will be automatically applied in shopping cart)