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Blue Lace Agate Tear Drop Cabochon 18x13mm

SKU 03233

Blue Lace Agate Tear Drop Cabochon

Communication - Confidence - Truth

Chakra: Throat

Approximate Size:

Blue Lace Agate is believed to be a great tool for improving your communication skills because it activates your throat chakra when working or carrying this stone. This stone may be good for anyone who may be public speaking, going for a new job interview, or wanting to convey a message to someone with the right words and tone.

Blue Lace Agate is a type of Agate that has beautiful sky blue and white banding patterns throughout, sometimes displaying some druzy crystals within. Blue Lace Agate is a rare stone, causing it to be more valuable and sought after than most stones. This stone can be found throughout Africa and has recently had localities discovered in Eastern Europe.

Chemical Formula: SiO2

Hardness: 7


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