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Lazulite Palmstone

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Lazulite Palmstone

Balance - Intuition - Peace

Chakra: Third Eye

Lazulite’s energy helps to activate your third eye, enhancing your intuition and psychic abilities. Lazulite is believed to be a great stone to use during meditation, helping you to gain insight into your spirit. This stone is a great choice to assist anyone doing inner healing work and looking to bring peace into their life.

Lazulite is an aluminum-magnesium iron phosphate that crystallizes in the form of masses and on rare occasions can be seen in small pyramidal crystal patterns. It is very common for Lazulite to form with other minerals such as Quartz, Muscovite, Blue Kyanite, Black Kyanite, Rutile, Sapphire, and Albite. This beautiful blue stone is found abundantly all over the world, although some of the nicest specimens come from Canada.

Chemical Formula: MgAl2(PO4)2(OH)2

Hardness: 5.5-6


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