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Fire Agate

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Fire Agate



Historical and Scientific Facts:

      • Fire agate is a rare variety of layered chalcedony quartz with a beautiful fiery iridescent effect. It can only be found in Northern Mexico and some of the South Western United States. 
      • The reason for its iridescent appearance is because when light passes through the different layers composed of limonite or goethite iron oxide and silica, it causes a prism effect that causes the light to separate into various colors. This is what distinguishes it from all other agates.

Metaphysical Facts:

While all agate is known as a stone used for prosperity, good health and prosperity. Fire agate is particularly known to have a calming energy which can bring a sense of safety and security. People believe that it has very strong grounding powers. Since biblical times, agate has been highly valued for talismans and amulets worn for protection and weathering storms.