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Selenite Charging Plate - Square

SKU 02417
Selenite Charging Plate - Square

Origin: Morocco

Size: Small- 3 inches across, Large- 6 inches across

Ever wonder what selenite charging plates are used for? Selenite is a wonderful cleansing and protection stone, as well as being an amplifier for other minerals. If you are looking to raise the vibration of energy in your life, selenite is the perfect choice.

How To Use A Charging Plate:

-Place your pocket and tumbled stones onto the plate to cleanse and clear the energy.
-If you wear jewelry, take off each night and place it onto the charging plate.
-Use selenite in your crystal grids to amplify any of the other stones used in the grid.

Due to its properties, we recommend not putting selenite in water, as it will dissolve.

Selenite, also known as gypsum flower or satin spar, is made up of 4 different varieties of gypsum.

Selenite is associated with the third eye chakra and the crown chakra.

Chemical formula:  CaSO4·2H2O

Hardness: 2


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